A. DOUGLAS The Great War (Magazine for Summer 1917)

At this moment it is probably more difficult than at any previous time for the ordinary individual, and possibly also for those who know most, to have any opinion worth having as to how long the War is likely to last. We must therefore surely concentrate mind and heart and will on doing “with all our might” whatever our hands find to do that may hasten the time of victory and peace, and may alleviate the suffering of those at home and abroad who are having the heaviest burdens to bear. Some of these are present or past members of the school, and our sym­pathy goes out to them in their pride and in their sorrow. Many more are not known to us personally, but we are all brothers and sisters at this time, and let us make the most of the common bond that finds us together, and the closer we hold it the more we shall give and shall receive of vital energy, of patient calmness, of strong faith and hope, and of dauntless enduring courage, which shall at last know the joy of victory through suffering.


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