Date of appointment.
1726 William Godolphin (nephew of Elizabeth).
William Godolphin Burslem (great-nephew of William Godolphin).
1815 Richard Chaloner Cobbe.
1815 Margaret Anne Biggs.


1854 Bishop Denison.
The Dean of Salisbury (Henry Parr Hamilton, F.R.S.).
Earl Nelson. (Trustee for fifty-nine years.)
The Right Hon. Sidney Herbert, M.P. (Crimea, 1854-56.)
Major-General Buckley.
T. W. Gilbert, Esq.
E. E. P. Kelsey, Esq.
The Rev. W. K. Hamilton (afterwards Bishop).
The Rev. George Radcliffe.
The Rev. Newton Smart.
The Rev. William Briscoe.

1881 Earl Nelson (sole Trustee this year).
1882 A new body of Trustees was elected.
Earl Nelson elected Chairman of Trustees.
1882-1901 The Very Rev. Dean Boyle.
1882-1899 The Rev. Chancellor Swayne.
1882-1910 The Rev. Canon Hutchings.
1882- H. J. F. Swayne, Esq.
1882-1901 J. H. Jacob, Esq.
1882-1901 T. H. Staples, Esq.
1885-1914 Miss Sarah Maria Fawcett.
1885-1895 Miss Alice Arbuthnot Moberly.
1886 New Scheme issued by Charity Commissioners under ” The Charity Trusts Act.” Trustees henceforth ” The Governing Body.”
Miss Frances Cobbe (Founder’s kin) resigns the duties of Trustee with the right of nominating Foundation scholars.


1886-1898 Mrs. Marianne Style.
1887-1895 John Waters, Esq.
1895-1919 Samuel R. Atkins, Esq.
1895-1898 Miss Birkbeck.
1896-1915 William M. IIammick, Esq.
1898-1921 Miss Elizabeth Style.
1898-1923 Miss IIenrietta M. Hussey.
1899-1915 The Rev. Canon Bankes.
1901-1907 The Right Rev. Bishop Webb, Dean of Salisbury.
1901-1908 William Pinckney, Esq.
1901-1903 W. F. Lawrence, Esq., M.P.
1907-1916 The Very Rev. Dean Page Roberts.
1908-1912 The Earl of Radnor.
1908-1914 Major Buckley.
1910-1920 The Rev. Canon Morrice.
*1912 J. Al. Swayne, Esq. County Magistrates.
*1913 Field-Marshal the Lord Methuen. Chairman.
*1914 James Macklin, Esq. (Sir James Macklin). County Magistrates.
*1915 The Hon. Lady Hulse.i Governors. 1915-1916 The Rev. Canon Sowter.
1915-1919 Ralph Paget, Esq.
*1916 The Rev. Canon Myers. Dean and Chapter.
1916-1920 The Ven. Archdeacon Dundas. 1919-1923 Charles Haskins, Esq.
*1919 Miss J. K. Stephenson, C.B.E. Governors.
*1920 The Very Rev. Dean Burn. Dean and Chapter.
*1920 The Rev. Canon Dimont. Governors. 1921-1921 George J. Main, Esq.
*1921 Francis Rigden, Esq. City Justices.
*1923 Hubert G. Ware, Esq. City Justices.
*1923 Lady Everett. Governors.
* The members of the Governing Body in 1926 and by whom appointed.

Clerks to the Governing Body.

1854-1900 C. H. Radcliffe, Esq. 1900-1920 George Harris, Esq.
1920 Ernest Mould, Esq.


1784 Miss Giffard (Mrs. Davis).
1815 Miss Anna Maria Alford.
1829 Miss Emly.
1832 Miss Bazeley.
1854 Miss Polhill (Mrs. Cothur).
1857 Miss Emma Polhill.
1875 Miss Andrews.
1890 Miss M. A. Douglas.
1920 Miss C. R. Ash.


1890 M. Jackson. 1907 E. B. Kenyon.
1891 M. Slocock. 1908 K. A. Newbold.
1893 V. A. Wyld.
M. E. Burnett. 1909 J. I. Smith.
1910 N. M. Harris.
1894 M. E. Burnett.
M. H. Rammell 1911 M. A. R. Lumby.
M. L. Tracey.
1895 R. M. Wordsworth. 1912 M. Ale. M. Hasluck
1896 F. M. Wyld.
M. U. Stokes 1913 J. Rogers.
P. Brookes-Smith.
1897 A. M. Willerton.
D. E. Burnett. 1914 D. Wilson.
1915 L. King.
1898 G. Shingleton.
T. C. Yeatman. 1916 Y. Leys.
1917 P. Seal.
1899 T. C. Yeatman.
P. L. Clarence. 1918 M. Du Buisson.
1919 M. Du Buisson.
1900 S. M. Wordsworth.
G. M. Malden. 1920 V. Leys.
1921 C. Harrison.
1901 E. M. Matthews. 1922 E. Palgrave.
1902 E. M. Matthews. 1923 E. Fagan.
1903 D. W. Johnson. 1924 A. Preston.
1904 M. C. Sanctuary. 1925 J. Wood.
1905 D. A. A. Penny. 1926 B. Luckham
1906 C. W. M. Prothero.
M. F. Glanville.


Miss L. J. Douglas 1890-1919 House Mistress.
Miss G. E. Edwards 1890-1905 English and Art.
Miss E. E. Jones 1890-1913 Mathematics.
Fraulein Bechler 1890-1897 German and Music.
Miss N. Harding 1891-* Violin.
Miss M. Headlam 1891-1897 General Subjects.
Miss Malpas 1891-1902 Kindergarten.
Miss M. J. Turner 1891-1923 Dancing.
Miss A. K. Wood 1892-1899 Modern Languages.
Miss A. E. Awdry 1893-1921 Music.
Miss Wilsden 1893-1897 Latin and Junior School.
Miss A. Edwards 1901-1905 Drawing.
Miss S. Sitwell 1891-1894 Classics and English.
Miss G. Bagnall 1896-1916 History.
Miss M. P. Westlake 1896–1919 Gymnastics, and House Mistress.
Mrs. Blake 1897-1901 Matron.
Miss A. L. Hyde 1897-1900 General Subjects.
Miss E. W. Jones 1897-* House Mistress.
Miss M. Rowden 1897 -1903 Music.
Fraulein Slevogt 1897 -1902 Music and German.
Fraulein Fehmer 1898 -1915 Music and German.
Miss M. Fraser 1898 -1901 General Subjects.
Miss M. A. Ralph 1898 -1911 Latin and General Subjects.
Miss M. Willerton 1898 -1907 Secretary.
Miss M. F. Falwasser 1899-*
Miss C. R. Ash 1899 -1903 Modern Languages.
Mademoiselle Reydon 1899 -1903 French.
Miss G. E. Steer 1900-* Classics and History.
Miss A. L. Mixer 1901-1919 Music.
Mr. Pattison George 1902-1918 Singing.
Miss M. Malden 1902-1906 Handicraft.
Miss R. M. Wordsworth 1902-1907 Classics.
Miss H. M. Atkinson 1903-1919 Music.
Miss E. Brett 1903-1921 French.
Miss A. M. Fussell 1903–1925 House Mistress.
Miss Emma Young 1903-* Music.
Miss Ethel Young 1903-1913 French.
Miss M. Powell 1904-1922 Handicraft and Junior School.
Miss V. Wyld 1904-1918 House Mistress.
Miss M. Jeffreys 1905-1915 French.
Miss E. Isaacson 1906-1910 Science.
Fraulein Seipp 1906-1909 German.
Miss M. Payton 1907-1911 History and English.
Miss C. Prosser 1907-* Art.
Miss M. White 1907-1917 Modern Languages.
Miss Clara Ashford Drawing and Games.
Miss C. Williamson 1907-1910 Music.
Miss M. Fairclough 1908-1916 Domestic Science.
Miss E. Hancock 1908-1919 Mathematics.
Miss V. Parson 1908-1917 Secretary.
Miss W. Prothero 1908-1911 Handicraft.
Miss H. Bagnall 1909-1917 English.
Miss E. F. Batstone 1909-1914 Drawing.
Miss V. Pinckney 1909-1919 Tennis.
Miss M. K. Derriman 1910-* Classics.
Miss S. Hymans-de-Tiel 1910-1918 Science.
Miss L. Ashford 1912-1916 Domestic Science.
Mr. T. H. Bayley 1912-1919 Classics and French.
Miss E. Mitchell 1912-1919 Geography.
Miss M. Ward 1912-* Music.
Miss E. F. Adey 1914-* Mathematics.
Mr. E. H. Douglas 1915-1920 Mathematics.
Miss D. Coombs 1916-* Music.
Miss E. Lavender 1916-1923 Music.
Miss P. Chawner 1917-1921 Mathematics and Junior House Mistress.
Miss C. M. Hartnell 1917-1924 English and House Mistress.
Miss M. Sulfield 1917-* Handicraft and Games.
Miss G. Barker 1918-1923 Secretary.
Dr. Alcock, M.V.O. 1918-* Singing.
Miss I. Powell 1918-1922 Modern Languages and Junior House Mistress.
Miss C. Barker 1919-1923 House Mistress.
Miss M. Bond 1919-* Housekeeper.
Mrs. Eaton Thomas 1919-1923 Matron.
Miss M. W. Evans 1919-* General Subjects.
Miss C. Gray 1919-1924 English and House Mistress.
Miss E. Lucas 1919-* Modern Languages.
Miss N. Parriss 1919-1925 Music.
Miss V. I. Phillips 1919-* Science.
Mrs. Pooley 1919-* Junior House Mistress.
Mademoiselle Redoute 1919-* French.
Mrs. Scale 1919-* Sanatorium Matron.
Miss E. Ward 1919-* Dancing.
Miss D. Drought 1920-1925 Modern Languages.
Mrs. Glenday 1920-1926 House Mistress.
Miss M. Mawer 1920-1926 Music.
Miss J. Noakes 1920-* History.
Miss G. Penny 1920 Music.
Miss M. Rider 1920-1923 Mathematics.
Miss B. Taylor 1920-1923 Mathematics.
Miss F. Ward 1920-1926 Geography.
Miss W. Keer 1921-* Gymnastics and Games.
Miss M. A. Jackson 1922-* House Mistress.
Miss M. Newsam 1922-* Mathematics.
Miss E. D. Wilson 1923-* Secretary.
* Still on the Staff in 1926.


Former members of the Godolphin Staff.

Miss Ash The Godolphin School, Salisbury.
Miss Baird St. James’s, Malvern.
Miss Drought Girls’ Grammar School, Farnham.
Miss Edwards St. Michael’s School, Bloemfontein, South Africa. (Formerly.)
Miss Hartnell St. Katharine’s School, near Taunton.
Miss Headlam The High School, Durham. (Formerly.)
Miss Jones Diocesan School, Grahamstown, South Africa. (Formerly.)
Miss Joseph (Mrs. Webb) Leeds Girls’ High School. (Formerly.)
Miss Powell St. Nicholas School, Orpington.
Miss Rice School of St. Mary and St. Anne, Abbots Bromley, Stafford
Miss Westlake Boston House School, Eastbourne
Formerly girls in the Godolphin School.

Miss Holmes High School for Girls, Tewkesbury.
Miss Matthews St. Mary’s School, Calne.
Miss R. Peto St. George’s English School, San Remo.
Miss M. Rammell Boston House School, Eastbourne. (Formerly.)
Miss Brookes-Smith Syrian Church School for Girls, Tiruvalla, South India.
Miss Woo, M.B.E. St. Paul’s Girls’ School, Hong-Kong.
Miss Wyld Formerly Principal of Mahbubia Girls’ School, Hyderabad, Deccan, India, and until recently Joint-Principal, Boston House, Eastbourne.
Miss Zachary Godolphin and Latymer School, Hammersmith


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