1890      28th Jan.            School opened.

3rd May             First picnic to Stonehenge.

12th July                        First tennis match v. Winchester. Winchester won.

8th Dec.             Millbrook taken for Mistresses’ House.

1892      14th May.           Miss Douglas took a party of mistresses and twenty girls to London to see Houses of Parliament (personally conducted over them by Sir Reginald Palgrave, K.C.B.), the Abbey, the Tower. Tea at Westfield College.

1st Oct.              First Commem. About eighty girls, past and present.

1893      April                  First Honours’ Board put up.

6th July              Half-holiday and service in Cathedral for the royal wedding of George, Duke of York, and Victoria Mary, Princess of Teck.

(The Giant and Hob-nob were brought out of the Salisbury Museum to join in the Civic Procession.)

1894      16th June            School Expedition to Oxford, personally con­ducted by Dorothy Wordsworth,

Mr. Joseph of New College and Mr. Arthur Douglas of Lincoln College.

Dec.                  First performance of the School orchestra. Miss Lucy Douglas left School House to go to South Africa with a brother, and Miss Janet Douglas took her place.

1895      Jan.                   St. Margaret’s started, under Miss Heathcote.

School Magazine began.

Sept.                 School colours changed from blue to red and white, in accordance with Mr. Dorling’s description of the Godolphin arms.

1896      Jan.                   Miss Lucy returned from South Africa and became Head of St. Margaret’s.

1897                              Nelson House, started by Miss Jones and Miss Edith, with three boarders.

Tennis Challenge Shield presented by Miss Sit­well, carved by Miss G. Jones.

1897      June 24th           Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

School joined in Salisbury Commemoration. School banner, presented by Fraulein Bechler, used for the first time.

1898                              Old Girls’ Scliolarship Fund started at the suggestion or J.J. Alexander.

1st May             First ” United Girls’ Schools ” service in St. Saviour’s, Southwark. Bishop Talbot preached.

1899                              Lacrosse first played.

First cricket match v. Cavcersham. Won by Caversham.

Mary Rammell took her 13.A. London degree.

The first B.A. won by a Godolphin girl.

Sept.                 New Boarding House, “South Bank,” started under Miss Rice, with six girls.

24th Oct.            Miss Douglas gave a lecture on the “War in the Transvaal,” then just begun. Intercessions and a weekly collection for sick and wounded were started.

Dec.                  First Mistresses’ Play, “The King and the Troubadour.”

1900      15th May            News came of the relief of Mafeking. Flags were bought, “and soon the

Union Jack was floating from every House.” South Bank pro­vided an illumination in the evening.

29th Sept.          The first “Old Girls’ Association,” formed at Commem.

1901      Jan.                   Death of Queen Victoria. No games the week of 22nd January when School

reassembled. Black hat-bands worn. All Houses went to Cathedral Evensong through the week.

28th      Jan.                   Proclamation of King Edward VII. School went to Market Place and stood in

pouring rain to hear the mayor read it, and to join in “God Save the King ” for the first time.

2nd Feb.             School attended special Memorial Service for Queen Victoria in the Cathedral.

Fawcett House opened. South Bank closed.

Summer Term. Miss Douglas away for a holiday.

9th May             Lord Roberts came to Salisbury, and School went to the Palace garden by kind invitation of Mrs. Wordsworth to see him leave the Palace.

  1. M. Wordsworth gained a First in Greats at Oxford.

1902      2nd June            Peace Declaration (after Boer War). News reached School, and was at once

celebrated by singing a Thanksgiving Hymn and National Anthem in Hall. In the evening all I-louses went down to see the Peace Procession and Demonstration in the Market Place.

19th July            School joined in the Salisbury Children’s Coronation Procession, leading the procession with their School banner.

1903                             P. L. Clarence won Pfeiffer Scholarship for two years at the Women’s University Settlement in Southwark.

1904      1st April             First House Singing Competition. School House won shield presented by Miss

Awdry and Miss Mixer.

27th April           Death of Miss E. Polhill, a former Head Mistress, in her seventy-ninth year.

13th May            News of purchase of six acres adjoining school gardens with £4000 from the Godolphin Latymer Trust.

Miss Edwards left to be Head of St. Michael’s School, Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Miss V. Wyld succeeded her at Fawcett House, with Miss Westlake as her second.

1905      22nd Oct.          School attended Trafalgar Centenary Service in Cathedral.

1906                              Miss Agar laid out new grounds.

1907                              Miss Prosser came to be Art Mistress.

24th May            Empire Day kept for the first time, with special prayers and hymns, and Union Jack flown, daisies worn.

16th Nov.           Miss Jones given a holiday to go to South Africa.

1908 23rd Jan.    O.G.’s first Treat for Mission Children. Organ­ised by C. Boyle.

27th June           The King (Edward VII) and Queen Alexandra drove from Salisbury to Wilton House. Mr. and Mrs. Chubb kindly invited the School to see them from their grounds at Bemerton Lodge.

Autumn ” Oakhurst ” (renamed ” Hamilton” in 1917) opened as a Boarding House, with Miss Payton as its Head.

1910      7th May             Death of King Edward the Peacemaker. Special service in school.

8th May             School attended Proclamation of King George V in Market Place.

20th May            School went to a most impressive service in Cathedral.

June 10-11         Head Mistresses’ Association Conference held at the Godolphin School.

June                  A Lizard Orchis-the first known in Wilts­ was found by P. Pinniger and A. Wood, and caused quite a stir in botanical circles.

1911 June          Half Term Holiday. Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary. Those left in Salisbury joined th Children’s Procession and Fete.

Miss Douglas elected President of the Head Mistresses’ Association.

Natural History Society formed.

School Orchestra went, to play with other school orchestras at the Albert Hall.

1912      7th Feb.             School went to a great Thanksgiving Service for the safe return of the King

and Queen from India.

Summer ‘Term. “The Willderness” opened as a Housewifery School and Library.

  1. Sayers won Gilchrist Scholarship at Somer­ville College.
  2. Deansley given the Arthur Hugh Clough Fellowship at Newnham. She, chose as her subject: Research work on Richard Rolle.

12th Dec.           Lord Nelson presented School Certificates for the last time.

1913      17th Feb.           Memorial Service for Captain Scott and his fellow-explorers “Determined to

do our best to the last.”

25th Feb.           Death of Lord Nelson: a School Governor since before 1854.

28th Feb.           School Memorial Service for Lord Nelson: Speech on Nelson’s Motto.

Summer Term. Lord Methuen became Chair­man of School Governors.

Miss Jones accepted the Headship of the Dio­cesan School, Grahamstown, South Africa.

1st to 4th July     Inspection of School by Board of Education.

10th July                        First “Service of Song,” conducted by the Rev. R. G. Douglas.

19th July            Miss Douglas at a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace for representatives of the teaching pro­fession.

Autumn Term. Lord Methuen’s first visit to the School, followed by a visit of a large party from the School to Corsham Court.

1914 July           Competition and Badges for Reading Aloud started.

At the beginning of the Summer Holidays the Great War began.

19th Nov.           Memorial Service in Cathedral for Lord Roberts.

1915      7th May             News of safety of R. Wordsworth and her brother when the Lusitania was


10th June           The Hon. Lady Hulse became a School Governor.

29th Oct.            School Memorial Service for Nurse Cavell.

1916      26th July                        “Milking” Badges presented by Captain Bath­urst, M.P. (afterwards Lord

Bledisloe) to fifty girls who had been passed as efficient “milkers” by an inspector.

“National Mission” Day kept at the School, and conducted all day by Bishop Ridgeway.

Salisbury joined the Children’s Procession and Fete.

Dec.                  Miss G. Bagnall left, after twenty-one years on the staff.

1917                             Methuen House opened in the former “South Bank,” with Mrs. Paulley (Rita Douglas) as House Mistress.

“Melbury” in Elm Grove opened for mistresses.

1918      Dec.                  Mrs. (now Lady) Everett left Fawcett House, and Miss Westlake was

appointed in her place.

24th May            Empire Day. School went to a very large gathering of citizens and troops in the Market Place. Stirring addresses were given; and medals for gallant service presented to a number of soldiers by general Sclater.

3rd June            Children from Elementary Schools began to come on certain evenings to play cricket and rounders on Godolphin grounds.

11th Nov.           ARMISTICE Special Commemoration in School.

17th Nov.           (Sunday) Thanksgiving in Cathedral for the Armistice.

1919 19th Feb.    Miss Douglas announced that she would be resigning at the end of the year, and Miss Lucy too would be leaving St. Margaret’s and the School.

28th June           News came of the Signing of the Peace at Versailles.

19th July                        Peace Proclamation in the Market Place.

28th July                        Children’s Day in Salisbury Peace Celebration.

Sept. 26-29         Commem., the first since the outbreak of the War; the last at which Miss Douglas presided as Head Mistress; the general Railway Strike began.

Miss Westlake left, after twenty-three years, to be Joint-Head with M. Wyld of Boston House School, Eastbourne.

17th Dec.           Miss Douglas “read Marks” for the last time.

Miss Mixer left the School after eighteen and Miss Hancock after eleven years.

1920                              Miss Ash became Head Mistress.

Miss Noakes appointed second mistress and senior History mistress.

11th Feb.           Miss Hancock sailed for mission work in China.

Summer Term. M. Deansley’s book came out, The Lollard Bible and Other Mediaeval Bible Versions.

School War Memorial Scholarship Scheme for Officers’ Daughters, for which £840 had been collected by the School and Old Girls.

24th June           Seven hundredth Anniversary of laying the Foundation Stone of the Cathedral of New Sarum. Sixth Forms had places allotted.

1921      12th March         First Gymnastics Competition with St. Mary’s, Calne. Calne won.

Miss Awdry left the School in 19’21, after twenty­eight years’ service on the staff.

Autumn. School attended two meetings of the League of Nations Union, addressed by Sir Oliver Lodge and Mr. Whelan respectively.

1922      May                   Opening of new Methuen House.

Autumn. Guild of Arts and Crafts for past and present girls started under Miss Prosser, and its first Exhibition held.

1923      24th May            The Prince of Wales came to Salisbury. School went to Market Place.

1st-4th July         Inspection of School by Board of Education.

1924      July                   Dido and AEneas, by Purccll, performed by School.

1925      Feb.                  School heard Mr. G. K. Chesterton on Dickens, at the Victoria Hall.

Science Club started, with Miss Phillips as president.

July                   School Swimming Bath opened.

25th Sept.          Commem. Love’s Labour’s Lost presented by the Old Godolphin Players for the benefit of the O.G. Scholarship Fund realised £88, 16s. lld.

Sale on behalf of O.G. Scholarship Fund realised £125, 8s. 9d.

1926                              Bicentenary events.


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