BISHOP WEBB, Dean of Salisbury, (Governor, 1901-1907) – GOVERNORS PAST

BISHOP WEBB, Dean of Salisbury, (Governor, 1901-1907).

When Bishop Webb was Bishop of Bloemfontein, many years before he came to Salisbury, I heard someone say, “Bishop Webb is a great statesman and has a diocese as large as France.” When he died, Bishop King of Lincoln said of him in the Cathedral on the day of his funeral that he was the best man he had ever known, and Bishop King was one to discern the difference between better and best. Fraulein Slevogt, with music and art in her very bones, exclaimed when she saw Bishop Webb, “Ach! Albrecht Durer!” In those three remarks, you have the man-the grand, simple presence, the great mind, and the apostolic devotion with the fire of a great faith informing and dominating his whole being. He was sent to South Africa to found schools and to be one of the chief builders of the Church there. He came to Salisbury Cathedral to make his special contribution to the great things the Cathedral stands for, and he came to Salisbury City to encourage everything good in its life which brought men and women together, whether their houses were in the Close or in the City. He became Governor of the Godolphin School to show how a great man cares with all his heart for the education and training of children, and understands with deep and sympathetic insight how great is the vocation of teachers.


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