CANON BANKES (Governor, 1899-1915) – GOVERNORS PAST

CANON BANKES (Governor, 1899-1915).

It will be very difficult to give anything approaching an adequate description of Canon Bankes, and yet something must be said to keep the memory of his personality as a choice treasure which must not be lost. He was just Canon Bankes. His thin, tall figure and beautiful voice, with a singular timbre of its own, and a gentle courtesy of manner which would be the same to a baby in arms as to the Queen; his readiness to push’ away his book or writing in that beautiful, dignified room of his, and listen with the whole of him to anything the speaker had to say, and then give back a little bit of wise advice of which he had a store inside his mind and his heart, gathered from years of helping his people and their little children and boys and girls at Corfe Castle. All these things helped to make up the rare kind of character and the particular charm of the old man. He would come to the school for a little school service in Lent and say something to us which some of us have not forgotten, nor the voice which said it.


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