CHANCELLOR SWAYNE (Governor, 1882 1899).
Chancellor Swayne was a scholar, a thinker, a distinguished preacher, a great Christian gentleman and a most impressive looking man-tall, with a fine head, blue eyes, a rather sad expression-in his younger days he was known as “melancholy Bo” – which readily gave place to a delightful smile. He would say witty things and enjoy funny things as much as anybody. In him we had a prize as a Governor. If he were at home in the great house, the North Canonry, he was always ready to see any mistresses or girls from the Godolphin, and if he were out they knew that he would like them to go and look at his glorious garden, many plants from which found their way to the school garden. Two principles which he desired the Godolphin to stand for were, a sound but enterprising policy of expansion, and the importance of the individuality of each child. He wanted the school to grow in numbers in use-fulness and efficiency; and he wanted every single girl to be helped to become her own best self in and through it.


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