DEAN BOYLE (Governor, 1882-1901) – GOVERNORS PAST

DEAN BOYLE (Governor, 1882-1901).

Amongst other things that the school owes to Dean Boyle, is the annual whole holiday on Ascension Day, and all who have been at school at Godolphin know the delight of that day and remember it as vividly, probably, as anything else in the life of the school.

Besides this, Dean Boyle was another of the Governors who was a distinguished scholar, and the staff of those days will remember the lectures on literature which he gave at the Deanery, whilst Mrs. Boyle sat opposite to him, vigorously knitting. One funny picture comes to me as I think of Dean Boyle, always rather stately, in the school one day. Lord Nelson was showing off to him the new classroom and sliding partition with great pride and enthusiasm, and Dean Boyle, not quite understanding the way it slid, Lord Nelson said, with great impatience, “My dear child,” and then, hastily, ” I always call everybody `My dear child.’ “


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