A massive head, grey hair, the brow of a scholar and thinker, kind eyes that could be observant and critical, too, but that lighted up as readily with laughter in the enjoyment of a joke-such were some of the outward characteristics of Dr. Burn, Dean of Salisbury and Governor of the School from 1920 till his death in November 1927. He was bound to us first as a parent, for he sent his youngest daughter here on taking up his office, and that gave him a closer intimacy with the School than he might otherwise have gained. As a Governor he rapidly grasped what the School stood for and what were its needs of the moment ; he cared that the education given should be not only on sound lines, but aided by modern equipment and ample accommodation, and he had the courage to make ventures and to plan for future generations. He helped to steer the School through the difficult years after the Great War, when new requirements had to be met, while at the same time the waste of the War years must be repaired, and his keen interest was equally given to the creation of library and gymnasium, science room and new playing fields. He was a most regular attendant at Governors’ meetings and at the Finance Committee, of which he was early made chairman, and difficulties had a wonderful way of disappearing before his sympathy and cheerful optimism.
Not only was he a familiar figure to all, but he seemed to know us, whether in the school or out of it, and had a greeting for each one. And always one felt that more than educationalist, more than Governor, he walked among as the pastor, caring most for the things of the spirit, happiest if he could help in this way anyone in doubt or difficulty, generous in time and trouble to young or old. His great gifts of sympathy and understanding, his delightful sense of humour, his profound scholarship and his marked liberal-mindedness and width of interests, went to make up a personality whose influence on the school was inevitably deep and cannot but be lasting.

C. R. ASH.


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