H.M. BAGNALL – The Godolphin School and the Educational World

From 1892 onwards the School was forging new links with the large educational world through Miss Douglas’s connec­tion first with the Association of Head Mistresses and then with the Board of Education. She became a member of A.H.M. in 1892, when the famous Miss Buss was President, and was on the Executive from 1902 onwards. In June 1910 the Annual Conference of the Association was held at Godolphin School, and Miss Douglas was elected President for the two following years-1911-13. This was felt as a great honour by the School and by every one concerned in it : and it is on record that the dear old gardener of those days, Roper, on being told the news, remarked impressively that he hoped to have some specially early potatoes to celebrate the event. On ceasing to be President in 1913 Miss Douglas became a Vice-President, and in 1920 she became an Associate Member of the A.H.M. when she had ceased to be an acting head mistress.

From 1912-20 Miss Douglas represented the Association on the Teachers’ Registration Council under the first chairman, the Right Hon. Sir A. H. D. Acland, Bart., M.P., and under the second chairman, Sir Michael Sadler, K.C.S.1. On lst October 1912 the President of the Board of Education appointed her as a member of the Consultative Committee to the Board under Sir Stanley Leathes, chairman. She was for several years a member of the Colonial Intelligence League, under the chairmanship of Lady Grosvenor, and she represented the Head Mistresses’ Association on the body of managers of the Dartford Physical Training College for some years, Sir George Newman being the chairman.

In these and other ways the School was brought into ever widening and deepening connection with large educational issues ; and this was exemplified by the fact that in 1910 Miss Douglas was co-editor with Miss Burstall of the book of essays by Head Mistresses, called Public Schools for Girls, which was published for the Association of Head Mistresses by Messrs Longmans, Green & Co. in 1911.

From 1920 to 1923 Miss Douglas was Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Union of Girls’ Schools for Social Service, and she has been Vice-Chairman since 1923.



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