Since 1875 two children died when at School. On 12th June 1898, Winifred Mary Douglas (my little niece), aged eight, died at St. Margaret’s. She awoke one morning with a sore throat, and Dr. Harcourt Coates was sent for and did everything that was possible all that day, but she died in less than twenty-four hours of virulent diphtheria. It was a single case and totally unlooked for, as she had done her lessons excellently the day before. She entered with a good intelligence and love of fun into every part of school life. The last day of her short life she spent in patience and obedience, taking her difficult medicine without demur, and her child’s mind was so clear just before the end that she asked for the hymn ” Around the throne of God.”
Fabian Dickenson (School House) spent her last few weeks in Salisbury Infirmary, where she had been taken suddenly for an operation. This was skilfully performed but revealed incurable trouble. She was always cheery and patient to the end, which came on 27th June 1907.
The graves of these two children are in the Salisbury Cemetery. Three other children died during their school¬days, though not at School. But during more than fifty years many who were at Godolphin have since died. As we look at their names in the Register of Old Girls, we recall the happy companionship with them, and the young and eager life which possessed them. Some of us have intimate knowledge of the fine work done by many of them afterwards in the larger world, and the all-important places they filled as wives and mothers and daughters, and the gallant cheerful endurance by some of them of great suffering.
We can’t forget them, we desire to remember them, and we know for sure that they made an undying contribution to the life of the School.



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