Miss Ash’s Appointment

“Between the Scenes.”
A Survey of Many Matters.

Cecily Ray AshCECILY RAY Ash was educated at home with a governess till she was sixteen, and was brought up in the atmosphere of a boys’ public school, for her father was “Ash of Hailey­bury,” whose name is honoured and loved by many genera­tions of boys who knew him as their House Master, or as Head of ” the modern side,” and by all of them as coach and lover of cricket. When she was sixteen she went to Grassendale, the well-known school at Southbourne, then under Miss Tucker, its foundress.

After school came Lady Margaret Hall and Miss Words­worth and Oxford, and when her student days were over she had gained a First Class in the Honours School of Modern Languages, and also distinction on the hockey field! A I college she found Ruth Wordsworth as a fellow-student, and so a first link was made with the Godolphin School. On leaving Oxford she was appointed to a post on the staff in 1899, and from then to December 1903 she and Godolphin got to know and care for one another. Family reason,, took her to London in January 1904, and she was then appointed to the staff of St. Paul’s Girl’s School, which came into existence at that point under Miss Gray, O.B.E., its first High Mistress, who was to make it a school of renown. Miss Ash was put in charge of the modern language teaching, and later became “third Mistress” on a large staff, and after she had left St. Paul’s, a school society for those specially interested in French wasfounded there, called “The Ash Society” in her memory.

On 6th January 1920 I walked out of the Godolphin School I and my old friend and colleague walked in as Head Mistress, having been appointed by the Governors to succeed me.



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