This was a notable occasion on account of the very large gathering of guests, and of the first performance of the Bicentenary Play, written by Molly Harrower and produced by Muriel de Castro (both O.Gs.) and acted by girls in the School, the Head Girl, Betty Luckham, playing the part of Elizabeth Godolphin. This interesting, amusing, and clever play is founded on historical facts; the dresses were those of the different School periods, some of them being old dresses and some of them copied from old patterns. It may be said at once that the actors forgot themselves entirely in their parts, and therefore carried the audience with them into the scenes in the life of Elizabeth Godolphin and in tin the life of the School she founded. At the end of the performance an impressive little pageant was seen, as the chairman, Field-Marshal Lord Methuen, the Governors, the past and present Head Mistresses, the Head Girl, and representatives of the School Houses walked up the Hall under banners emblazoned with appropriate shields all emblems painted in the studio. They all then took their places on the platform and formed a fine tableau represen¬tative of the School of 1926.


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