Miss ELIZABETH STYLE (Governor, 1898-1921) – GOVERNORS PAST

Miss ELIZABETH STYLE (Governor, 1898-1921)

It was characteristic of Miss Style to get pleasure and interest from hearing the Godolphin girls at their games on the playground, as she lay in bed, quietly, calmly, and courageously waiting for the call to stop work “here below.” She worked all her life; we wish we had known her as a little girl and as a growing-up girl, but we feel sure that she did not alter much. People so sincere, so natural, so unconsciously true to duty, so awake to the great things of life, and so filled with the kindness which is always spon¬taneous and never weak-these people grow but do not change in essentials. I heard it said the other day: “So much of Miss Style’s work was done in silence.” The one who said that knew Miss Style, but the silence was with regard to her work and invariably with regard to herself; she was one of the most refreshing people to talk to, and the memory of her gay laugh when she was amused will always remain with those who so often heard it.
She was one of the first small company of Newnham students, and Miss Clough must have looked with pleasure at her intelligent face and beautiful, truthful eyes, and what a good college friend she must have been and how greatly she would enjoy the whole interest and fun of Newnham’s first days! When the Godolphin School was built it was a happy thing for it to have Mr. and Mrs. Style and their (laughter living in their beautiful old house next door; it was a still happier thing to have first Mrs. Style and then Miss Style as a Governor, for the same clear outlook, the same sound judgment, the same affectionate interest in the school came from both of them.


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