MISS MOBERLY (Governor, 1885-1895) – GOVERNORS PAST

MISS MOBERLY (Governor, 1885-1895).

Alice Moberly was the daughter of Dr. Moberly, head master of Winchester College and afterwards Bishop of Salisbury. She was the eldest of a family of fifteen children. “Dulce Domum,” written by Miss Anne Moberly, late Principal of St. Hugh’s College, Oxford, tells us of the happiness, the goodness and rich gifts of mind and character and the great friendships which she shared with her parents and brothers and sisters at Winchester and Salisbury. As the eldest sister she made her special contribution to the fullness of the home life. But the wisdom of her head and the sympathy and serene kindness of her nature were not all for home consumption. They were put freely at the disposal of committees or individuals in Salisbury who were workers in any way for the good of their fellow-creatures. The Godolphin School was one of her special interests and at the time when it was growing from a small school into a bigger one, and when all sides of the work had to grow at once, the sight of Miss Moberly, always calm and always active, was not only an antidote to any disposition to over ­anxiety, but was a sure and cheering source of encourage­ment. She was the very embodiment of the quietness and confidence which make for strength.


2 thoughts on “MISS MOBERLY (Governor, 1885-1895) – GOVERNORS PAST

  1. I have a watercolour painting by Miss Moberly, daughter of Bishop Moberly, Guildford and wonder if this is the same person above. The painting is of Salisbury Market – period of time is 1915. Would be most interested to find out more details. Thank you


    • Hi,
      Not sure if they are one and the same person.
      We don’t hold much in the way of personal details of teachers or pupils, unless of course some one else writes about them.
      You could try the Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre, as all our archive material is with them.
      I will have a look through Ancestry.co.uk to see if I can find a connection, but that will take time.
      Sorry I can not be of any more help.


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