MR. ATKINS (Governor, 1895-1919) – GOVERNORS PAST

MR. ATKINS (Governor, 1895-1919)

Canon Bankes always used to say that he and Mr. Atkins were twins ; it was their little joke when the annual Governors’ Meeting for giving away certificates came round. They were, of course, the same age and perhaps had the same birthday. Mr. Atkins was, fortunately for the school, a near neighbour, as nothing was too small to claim his interest and help. The help was often of a very practical kind, as he had distinguished scientific knowledge and was a great chemist, and one year was President of the Pharmaceutical Society, He was also a great lover of books, and took the most lively interest in the intellectual development of the school, and was as pleased as possible at any progress made or any distinction won. There was hardly a gathering without a speech from him, always beautifully expressed and fluently delivered, with a kind¬ness of manner that left no doubt as to his constant and affectionate interest in the school.


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