MRS. MATTHEWS (Rosamond Chivers)

Our schooldays were happy ones under dear Miss Andrews. School life, in my days, was very different from the present day. We had the usual school routine, and went out for a walk two and two, most afternoons, very often along the London road. We never went out alone except on Saints’ Days. Then we would visit friends in the Close, Miss Fawcett, Mrs. Middleton, and others. We went in for the usual examinations, and attended Oxford Extension lectures in the town. We worked up various concerts for Christmas, and I remember the old Lord Nelson, as one of the Gover­nors, came to hear us. We were never more than ten or twelve boarders. We went to St. Martin’s on Sunday mornings and to the Cathedral in the afternoon, and sometimes Miss Andrews would take us to see Mrs. (Susan) Wordsworth. We always learnt verses of Keble’s ChristianYear to say on Sundays to Miss Andrews in the small oratory in the house.


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