MRS. PARSONS (Emily Daniel)

Of course, the outstanding personality was Miss Andrews. We revered and loved her so; she was always just, and, looking back, it seems to me she was most lenient to our faults, and I can never remember her losing her temper; nevertheless we did not like vexing her at all. She loved ­after her religion, which was practical as well as being theoretical-history, and I love history and any old stories, which certainly she must have inculcated in me. The personality of the teacher had a very great effect upon me, as the first term I was at the Godolphin – when I was twelve – I was very keen on all subjects, and a Miss Lester, to whom I was very devoted, taught the subjects then that Miss Andrews did not. After she left I did not take the interest that I ought to have in them, and wish now that I had. To this day I can remember the dates of the Holy Days which do not occur in holiday times better than those which do, as we always had a half holiday on those days and were allowed to go out to tea, or to go with a Mistress into the city and buy anything that we wanted-sweets always, for one thing. The Kings of England from the Saxon times, with the date of each, I can still remember, as well as the wives of those of the Norman period, because each Tuesday we all stood in a row round Miss Andrews and said them, and if one failed and the lower one knew the name or date, we changed places. This was rather exciting, and we liked it. Each week we had to say the Church Catechism. As we grew older we were rather proud of learning the Epistle for the day on Sundays instead of some of the Gospel, and a more advanced explanation of the Church Catechism, and “The Christian Yea” instead of an easier book of poems that the younger ones learnt-four lessons in all each Sunday. On the Sunday afternoons during the winter we went to the Cathedral, and in the evenings, after having heard our lessons, Miss Andrews read to us The Monthly Packet and such books, which we enjoyed very much. We went to St. Martin’s both in the morning and in the evening in the summer. The smaller girls were very proud if an elder one asked her to be a companion in the daily walk of two and two, which, I fancy, was from twelve to one. Miss Awdry, who, I believe, was afterwards a mistress at the Godolphin, made me very happy several times in this way : she was one of the girls that was very kind to any who were younger. The boarders were treated with great care, especially when ill. There were two boards that we were supposed to lie down straight upon for twenty minutes or half an hour. Otherwise we had to hold long sticks behind our shoulders.


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