MRS. PEARCE (Rose Hutchings), 1866

How difficult it is to write of events of over sixty years ago, events that were not worth remembering. When I went as a little and rather spoilt child to the Godolphin School, things were rather different from now! Miss Polhill reigned; the elder sister was married. We had no games at all, just two dull walks a day-and Spartan food, very! We always sat on forms, till one day the Bishop (Dr. Hamilton) came up to inspect us. He was very definite about growing girls and their backs, so chairs were Supplied, but not before my back had suffered, and I had to learn most of my lessons on a hard reclining board.

Our English governess was a Miss Bailey, such a sweet, kind woman, who tried to make things easier and more interesting, but it was a dull school. There was a German governess who came before I left, very plain! who, to our delight, painted, before a looking-glass, her own portrait to send to her fiance. She managed to paint quite a handsome woman!


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