MRS. STYLE (Governor, 1886-1898)­ – GOVERNORS PAST

MRS. STYLE (Governor, 1886-1898)­

If I could help all who are interested in reading this Godolphin Book, to see Mrs. Style, I should know that I had given them a portrait of someone who was certainly beautiful. She was an old lady as to years, when I first knew her. She had white hair, and wore a soft white cap, and a white Indian shawl over a black dress of some charming material, and there were black mittens on her hands. But her mind, her heart, and her footstep were all young. She would come running into the little room with its low ceiling and creepers looking in at the window, if she were not there first, when you went to see her. Her dark eyes were bright and eager, and her whole face was lit with cleverness, wisdom, and sympathy. Mrs. Wordsworth (wife of Bishop Wordsworth and daughter of “Cox of the Bodleian,”), who knew her well, said to me when I first came to Godolphin: “Oh, if Mrs. Style is one of your Governors, you’ll throw yourself plump on to her.” It is quite certain I never went to ask for her advice without getting it, and together with it, an eager interest in the school and the loving kindness which went with her wisdom, and which, no doubt, helped to make her wise.


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