STAPLES of Belmont (Governor, 1882-1896) – GOVERNORS PAST

STAPLES of Belmont (Governor, 1882-1896).

I think of Mr. Staples during the building of the school and the furnishing of it. He was so much interested in it all, and in the discussions at the Governors’ meetings, that I used to feel rather alarmed when he got excited, as, besides having a very emphatic voice, he had a habit of stamping his feet, and when sitting in the chair next to him, I won­dered where he would stamp. No detail was too small for him to attend to. When he announced that he was going with me to buy the blankets for the beds, I remember rather wishing Miss Fawcett were coming instead. But I was mistaken in thinking that anyone would be more capable than he of making a good choice. I was much touched by his making me sit down in a little arm-chair to see if it fitted my shoulders, as it was to be part of the furniture for my room. And then, when all was ready, and the opening day came, he was laid low suddenly by illness and could not come to the opening of the school, but ordered lovely flowers to be sent to decorate it.


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