The O.G.A. had an ancestor, for many years before an Old Girl’s Association had been formed. It was made wide enough to include all Old Girls, and the little paper given to each one as she left School contained no rules, only hopes and suggestions. The motto was there which stands for the School tradition ; a union for service was suggested by subscribing either to the Mission or the Scholarship Fund, or both ; and the School Prayer and the Prayer for the Mission were printed. Moreover a hope was expressed that Old Girls would notify the School of any change in their home address.

This first O.G.A. served a good purpose, but it was too loose, and although large numbers of Old Girls held together by coming to Commem. and by uniting to support the Mission or the Scholarship Fund, as an organisation of the whole body it fell to pieces. During the years of the War there were no reunions of Old Girls, and they had greater matters to think of than notifying their old School of changes in their addresses.

In 1925 a few of them happened to lunch together, and Dorothy Tull asked them whether they agreed with her that something must be done to reorganise the Old Girls. They agreed, and that little party set the ball rolling.

And now there is the Register! May Wyld, the Hon. Sec., has given two years of her life to it, and she has been helped by O.Gs. doing professional work, who have lavished their spare time upon it, and by many others whose assistance has been generous and invaluable. Violet Everett is the President of the Association, which is controlled by an active committee of Old Girls. The Head Mistress and former Head Mistresses are amongst the Vice-Presidents.

And for what does it exist?

First, for strengthening the bond between the past and present School and the tics of friendship one with another.

Secondly, for wider service : the need of the Empire for women who will go overseas is given a prominent place. The great Union of Girls’ Schools and Old Girls’ Associations for Social Service (the old Mission enlarged) and the Scholarship Fund have already gained new support, and hopes are entertained of many `vat’s of mutual help which members will derive from one another. The membership has made a good start, and it is hoped before the next issue of the Register hundreds more will have joined, as it is only by a very large and growing membership that the great hopes set upon its development into a really grand Association can be realised.


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