VILLAR, Hamilton

I have changed my address and mode of life since you heard from me last. I am a general farm labourer on this farm, and have been here for nearly a month, after training for a month at the Seale Hayne College, Newton Abbot. I work from six to six, milking about six cows and doing various odd jobs, such as apple picking, mangold loading, cleaning stalls and just occasionally driving cattle about. I like it very much, though there are minor drawbacks. I had a very good time at Newton Abbot. The college is new and is not properly fitted up-only the servants’ quarters are opened to take fourteen girls. We had very good instruction and got quite into the way of farm life there. Mr. Crumpler, my present employer, wrote to the Principal to ask for a girl, and I applied, as I have some friends living about eight miles from here.


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